Social Media Management


Social Media is a powerful word. Interesting or viral posts or videos shared on FB, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram are immediately liked and shared by millions and billions of people. So, it has become an important part of digital marketing these days.

Key aspects of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Appealing Post or Content
  2. Capturing the attention
  3. Increasing the traffic

Attracting the right audience and increasing the followers plays a key role in Social Media Marketing. We have to concentrate on the following topics and get them right to draw the relevant audience:

  • Which topic creates interest in them?
  • What are the buzzing topics?
  • What makes the customers come back?

Building a strong connection with the audience and posting relevant content is important to engage the audience and also to increase sales. Increasing the website is so arduous these days due to the cut-throat competition.

What do we do?

  • Guide you with the social strategies to increase your website traffic.
  • Analyze and report the progress of your Social Media Marketing Strategies.
  • Aid you to manage your brand.
  • Promotion of your website or channel.
  • Assist you to manage Social Media Marketing.

We at Santra Solutions, start campaigning by recognizing and targeting the right audience.


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